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Family Law

The stress that accompanies a divorce can be overwhelming; there are so many questions that you will need to have answered in order for you to move forward with your new life. Our objective in representing you will be to provide strategies to get you through the legal process with as little pain as possible. When you are in the midst of separating from your spouse, it can be hard to focus on how your decisions today will impact next month, much less ten years from now. We work with our clients to help them reach resolutions that won't be based on emotion but rather on what is in your and your family's best interests for your immediate and long term goals. You can be assured that we will be honest, objective, and straightforward with you at every turn in your case.

Contested DIVORCE Cases

We will educate you about available resources in order to facilitate a settlement to avoid costly litigation when possible. Mediation is one such tool that can be useful in reaching agreements outside of the courtroom. When settlement attempts fail, you need not be fearful of the court process because you will have an experienced litigator by your side to help you navigate.

Uncontested Divorce Cases

If you and your spouse have already determined how you wish to divide your marital estate and/or custody issues, then as your attorney, our role would be to ensure that your paperwork complies with the ever evolving statutes, state rules, local rules, and case law. As many have learned too late, trying to do this paperwork on your own or through do-it-yourself forms can end up costing you much more in the long run. We will be happy to provide this service to you at a reasonable cost.

Custody | Timesharing | Child Support

The laws concerning these areas are constantly evolving. Having had years of experience in dealing with these matters, we will be able to answer your questions and provide you with guidance to protect yourself and your children.


Mediation can be an extremely useful tool in family law cases. This process allows parties to reach decisions on their case outside of the courtroom, in a neutral environment. Many clients prefer mediation because it not only reduces legal costs but can avoid protracted and stressful litigation.
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"I was referred to Jenny by another attorney for my divorce. She was personally invested in my case and gave me sound advice throughout. She was always available for me when I had questions and was very quick to respond. I have had good friends suffer because they failed to hire a competent divorce attorney so I feel fortunate to have hired Jenny."

- C. M.