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We LOVE adoptions at JS&A! With over 25 years of experience with adoptions, we handle every kind of adoption including complex contested adoptions, relative, foster, independent, interstate adoptions, appeals, and foreign birth readopts. While many family law attorneys say they handle adoptions, it is important to assess their actual experience.  When interviewing attorneys, ask how what percentage of their practice is devoted to adoptions, ask how many contested adoptions the attorney has taken to trial while representing the adoptive parent, and ask how many interstate adoptions they have completed. Does that attorney know what a 100a is or what ICWA is? Have they ever encountered a disruption? You need an attorney who thoroughly understands adoption law so that when unplanned situations arise, you have an experienced attorney by your side.  Jenny is so passionate about adoption law, that she helped author changes to three adoption laws, easing the process for Kentucky families to finalize their forever families. She is also a proud member of the prestigious Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. If you are an out-of-state attorney who needs an experienced interstate adoption attorney to handle the Kentucky side of your client's adoption, call our office. We offer free phone adoption consults at JS&A!

Mother and Daughter

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Newborn Baby

The field of A.R.T. has grown exponentially over the past decade, as our medical advances are allowing families to easily form through egg donors and gestational carriers. Having a well constructed contract is an important part of third-party reproduction. There are many inherent risks in this type of agreement, so it is imperative to have counsel draft your contract to anticipate possible complications that can arise. Jenny offers a personal and sympathetic approach, whether she represents the intended parents or the gestational carrier. Call for a free consult to discuss your fertility journey with Jenny.   

Custody, Child Support, & Timesharing

Our clients appreciate that we do not offer a one size fits all approach at JS&A. Each case is unique, as is each child. We are a "best interest" law firm, meaning that we place your child's best interest at the forefront. Children do not deserve parents who are locked in constant battle. When both parents are healthy, we make sure our clients have the tools to coparent effectively, because children thrive when mom and dad are communicating. However, when your ex is unable or unwilling to coparent, we are persistent advocates to protect your child.  With Kentucky's evolving timesharing and custody laws, we can help you navigate the child support process, making certain that your children's needs are covered.      

Father and Daughter

Divorce & Post-Decree Issues

Distanced Couple

Divorce may cloud your judgment. But it won't cloud ours. With our 30+ years of experience & our team approach, we provide our clients with creative options tailored to meet your family's needs. Utilizing a cost-benefit analysis, we efficiently tackle cases ranging from complex high asset valuation and division to simple uncontested divorces. For maintenance cases, we employ experts and specialized software to simplify calculations for our Judges which maximize results. Where children are involved, we place their interests at the forefront. When drafting settlement agreements, our attorneys draft with you & your children's changing needs in mind, so that you do not have to hire an attorney every time a problem arises. We use mediation, where appropriate. But when Court is required, we are tenacious & experienced litigators who get the job done.   


Going to Court is costly and is always a gamble because there are so many unknown factors at play. At JS&A, we believe strongly in the benefits of mediation, when possible. Prior to mediating, we sit down with our clients to review their goals and to strategize on how best to accomplish those. We only use mediators who are also attorneys well-versed in family law so that the process has the absolute best chance for success. Mediation is always less costly than protracted litigation. With that in mind, sometimes, Court is simply unavoidable; We are passionate and tireless litigators when mediation is no longer an option.   

Couple in Mediation
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